Frieze Carpet

What You Should Know About Frieze Carpet

How do you decorate your house?

Is it by stylish walls, hardwood flooring, or laminate flooring?

To make your house comfortable, you need to understand the feeling that you want to create in your house.

For example, if you love the Nordic style, then you may choose the cold-ice colour of walls for your house.

Another part like laminate flooring should also be designed in specific Nordic details like laminate tile flooring in a bright colour.

That will make your house become comfortable and just like your dream place.

You can add a rug for decoration in the living room. From the simple pattern, Europeanesque pattern, to trendy and modern rug patterns.

The same decorating function also occurs for carpet. It’s quite pricey, but that’s worth the look.

Moreover, it could be useful to protect your floor. The carpet also will become a barrier to avoid stumbling.

If you wonder about it, you can check our article below about Frieze Carpet. Let’s look!

Frieze Carpet Cost

To understand the frieze carpet cost, we will compare it first with the standard carpet cost. For the standard carpet, the price is range from $1 – $8.

That depends on the design, the colours, the shipping cost, or the additional price that came from the second-hand supplier and distributor.

That’s normal for a carpet, since the more expensive the carpet, the thicker and stronger the carpet.

Moreover, the special features also take a part in the price. After all, that’s coming back again to the people who want to buy the carpet.

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As for frieze carpet, you can get $1 square of the foot for polyester materials of frieze carpet. This is the cheapest frieze carpet.

In another hand, there are also frieze carpet that made with high quality of nylon materials. The price is ranged from $7 – $8.

Yes, it’s expensive, but the quality didn’t betray the price. The premium quality of frieze carpet makes it soft and firm to be used in a living room or dining room.

As you already know the frieze carpet cost, you also need to know the materials inside them and how one frieze carpet can be different from another.

The cheapest frieze carpet made of low fibre and low face weight. Because of that, they couldn’t carry the mass traffic in a house.

That happens oppositely to the premium quality of frieze carpet, where the fibre twisted are higher and the amount of fibre materials is more than the standard one.

The high quality of frieze carpet can handle mass traffic in a house, even for commercial use such as store or restaurant.

Frieze Carpet Repair and Treatment

Since the frieze carpet has well durability that can be compared to another type of carpet, the repair of the frieze carpet is quite easy.

If there’s a stain in the frieze carpet, you can clean it with the usual brusher and cleaner.

Because the material is light and residential use friendly, the frieze carpet gave many advantages of protecting the floor.

There is no serious repair of frieze carpet you should consider. Unless it’s torn or broke.

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The treatment of frieze carpet is also handy. If you use the frieze carpet with a small size, you can wash them by yourself.

Prepare the brush and cleaner, then wipe all of the stain and dirt in frieze carpet with the water.

Once it washed, you can dry it in your washing machine. Then, wait until it dries completely to put it again in your room.

We recommend you to use the low pH cleaner because it’s safer for the carpet and won’t get rid of the colour and make the texture softer.

Frieze Carpet Appearance

If you are a fan of the cosy design and styles, you must be happy if the frieze carpet installed in your house.

They have a lot of styles collection and it’s not a random design. It’s likely for the residential use.

Because their texture is also smooth, they also suitable for the pet. The colour also varies from the beige to the dark, or a pastel colour that loved by a thousand hundred of millennial.

As for the thickness and width, the frieze carpet is the same with another type of carpet. There are no particular specifications.

The Good and The Bad of Frieze Carpet

If we talk about the good of the frieze carpet, of course, they are good to hide dirt and seams.

The materials the frieze carpet use support them to make the carpet is always in a clean and good condition.

Once the stains are dry, or the dirt is kept in the frieze carpet, it won’t affecting the appearance.

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The comfortable and smooth texture become the benefits of the frieze carpet.

As for the bad sides, the frieze carpet is hard to clean even if they can hide the seams and dirt.

It is caused by the seams that keep for a long time, and that makes the clean process is a bit tricky.

The appearance also looks informal, so it doesn’t match if you want the luxury or elegance styles in your house.

It’s also more expensive for the middle and high-quality frieze carpet if we compare it with the standard carpet.

Frieze Carpet Installation and Convenience

To install the frieze carpet, we recommend you to ask for the professional to install the frieze carpet properly.

It’s to prevent some of the unpredictable accident or safely installation process, and it wouldn’t waste your energy or your expenses in the future.

It will be convenient and comfortable when you use the frieze carpet in your house.

Carpet maintenance is a little bit complicated, but you can search for a DIY video on YouTube to clean the carpet.

Usually, people make the carpet dry in the sun to remove dust and dirt in there.

Then, they will clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to ensure there’s no dirt again.

Washing carpet also important, but you can just do it twice a month to still have a good quality of the carpet.

Hope this article helps you!