Laminate Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

The Comparison Between Laminate Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

Sometimes flooring can be complicated. You have to choose which one is best for your house. You also need to check the subfloor, the texture of subfloor, the material of flooring and many more.

But in fact, you only have to pay attention to something regarding the flooring to ensure the quality, durability, and design. There’s no something wrong with that.

It’s a normal thing for someone who has a house and decides to decorate it to make the house more comfortable.

In choosing a type of flooring, you need to understand what’s their advantages and their problems.

You need to search it first and gather information about the flooring. After that, you can pick the one who matched with your need.

Don’t you think it’s wasting time and energy?

Don’t worry, spend a little time to know the flooring you need to look out for the comparison between laminate flooring vs hardwood flooring below.

Find out about the truth and be ready for preparing the budget of both floorings.

General Comparison Between Laminate Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

It’s already clear that laminate flooring is different from solid hardwood flooring. Their construction, their feature, even their cost.

But as the title said, we will talk about the general comparison of laminate flooring and solid hardwood flooring.

First, the solid hardwood flooring usually has a 3/4-inch thick and they were created with hardwood materials.

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The solid hardwood flooring also has soft surfaces and it can lock the rest of the flooring automatically.

The finishing of the solid hardwood flooring is varnished, make the surface more beautiful.

In the other hand, laminate flooring consists of fiberboard layer and mix with wood byproduct materials. There is no real wood use in the process of laminate flooring making.

The surfaces itself designed by printed to show it looks like real wood or real stone. Their size is about 1/4 to 1/2-inch thick, means it thinner than the solid hardwood flooring.

You don’t need any glue or nails again if you install the laminate flooring. Unless you want to ensure the laminate flooring is installed properly.

Laminate Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring Cost

For the solid hardwood flooring, you need to prepare about $4 – $12 to buy a square of the foot of solid hardwood flooring. It’s pretty expensive because as you already know before, the thickness is no joke for flooring.

Their lifespan predicted for 100 years of using, so no wonder the product is quite pricey.

There are also store or brands that sell the solid hardwood flooring in an exact measure, like 20 square per feet or more than that.

Usually, it is cheaper rather than buy it one by one.

As for laminate flooring, the price costs about $3 – $5 per square of the foot.

$7 of the square of the foot also exist if there’s any special feature like automatic locking system, water-resistant, attached pad, or reduced noise feature.

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What we can say is, laminate flooring will give you the best quality of their product if you choose the premium quality.

Although solid hardwood flooring is thicker than the laminate flooring, they don’t have a special feature like laminate flooring.

That’s why nowadays people love to hunting laminate flooring in-store or online because they have features solid hardwood flooring didn’t have.

Laminate Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring Durability

Talking about durability means we need to know about the materials that the product use. As we already said before, the solid hardwood flooring uses real wood in the process of making.

They didn’t use any artificial materials or mixed materials; they just make it from the real wood. Because of that, their durability can’t be questioned again.

It must be resisted of flood, heat, stain, or even a serious damaged like an accident in your house. To make it clean again, you only need to re-coating it.

Same goes to the laminate flooring. For a fiberboard made flooring, they are quite durable.

If it’s added with underlayment, it will resist the specific weight of people. But because of their materials is not as real as solid hardwood flooring, the lifespan will only last for 10 years as we already said before.

It may be durable from stain, faded, or water, but it needs a specific feature in the laminate flooring.

As for durability, the solid hardwood flooring is more durable than laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring Resale Value

How about both flooring resale value?

Because the laminate flooring has a lower price than the solid hardwood flooring, indeed, the resale value will be lower than solid hardwood flooring.

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It will impact the price of the house if people that use laminate flooring want to sell their house. As for solid hardwood flooring, the resale value will be higher than the laminate flooring.

There’s also the chance of higher price than before because of the treatment for the solid hardwood flooring.

Laminate Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring Appearance

Laminate flooring has more style, colour, and design rather than solid hardwood flooring.

It is usual for the laminate flooring brands to have more than 5 collections. They also divide colour in a specific part, make the customer easy to choose it based on the subject they want.

In the other side, solid hardwood only has 1 collection, maybe 2 collections for expensive solid hardwood flooring brands.

It’s because the wood design is limited

Laminate Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring Installation

When it comes to installation, the laminate flooring is easier to install than the solid hardwood flooring.

You don’t need any glue or nails to make them installed, just a rubber to push the underlayment to the subfloor.

Meanwhile, the solid hardwood flooring needs professional help to install it in your house. The special installation is a must for the solid hardwood flooring installation.

After knowing the differences between laminate flooring and solid hardwood flooring, we think you should also know about how both of flooring need to be maintained.

As for laminate flooring, you need to clean it with a microfiber cloth and laminate flooring cleaner.

Don’t use a strong chemical cleaner and wet mop or your laminate flooring will be damaged.