Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Waterproof Laminate Flooring in 5 Points of View

There are lots of laminate flooring that offer you special feature in their product. For example, the one with the locking system called a Uniclic locking system.

The feature automatically fits the laminate flooring to subfloor properly with their attached pad.

In the installation, you don’t need to bring glue or anything to close the gap. Just bring rubber and tape measure, and you can install them.

You may use a nail to close the gap tightly.

In another hand, there are also water-resistant or waterproof laminate flooring. It supports you to install the laminate flooring in your kitchen, bathroom, and any moisture area in your homespure.

The feature details depend on the company who made that and develop that.

If you are now looking for the explanation, here’s the waterproof laminate flooring in 5 points of view for you to see.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring General Information

How come laminate flooring doesn’t have water-resistant feature?

The answer lies in the core of the laminate flooring, which is fibre wood. As we already know, fibre absorbs water and crumbles after they take all that.

That also happens when laminate flooring place in a moisture area. They are only matched with the dry areas and durable only if the fiberboard doesn’t pour by the water.

That’s also the reason why laminate flooring couldn’t be clean with a wet mop, or they will be damaged.

A lot of brands now develop waterproof laminate flooring with the sophisticated technology that they made.

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Whether they added the waterproof feature in their underlayment or the mixture of core, they believe this could be the answer for people who wants waterproof laminate flooring.

The problem of leak pipe spilt water or bathroom splashed water to make the use of laminate flooring cause an incident.

You can protect your family by adding the water-resistant feature in your laminate flooring.

Another reason why you should choose waterproof laminate flooring is that your warranty will be void if the laminate flooring damaged caused by your mistake.

It will completely erase all of the warranty, and you can’t submit for it even if you found the failure in the product.

Well, that’s unfair. But that’s how the business works. You couldn’t ask for more if the product has such weak protection of water.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Cost

The price for laminate flooring cost is ranged from $3 – $5 per square of the foot. Usually, it is $4.5, but that depends on the brands that offer.

Most of the laminate flooring with waterproof feature also have additional underlayment, that becomes as foam so the water or moisture air won’t attack the fiberboard and keep between them.

With that price, you can also prevent the air to infiltrate to the gaps and close it.

In the laminate flooring world, people said it is vapour barrier underlayment for laminate flooring.

If we compare it to vinyl flooring, engineered wood flooring, or other flooring, the price is the cheapest from all of that.

That’s why they didn’t have water-resistant originally. But they do have a thin and flexible layer that could adjust other features in the laminate flooring.

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It is to be said, you can still use laminate flooring for watery areas and you can buy it with a lower price than other flooring and the money come back to you.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Installation and Treatment

Same as the usual laminate flooring, the waterproof laminate flooring only needs rubber when the installation.

It’s because the laminate flooring already have a click-lock system and each edge will be joining and installed perfectly.

The easiness of waterproof laminate flooring installation will keep your energy since the hardwood flooring or engineered wood flooring needs professional for their installation when you are not.

To understand more about it, you should watch the DIY video on YouTube.

As for treatments, we recommend you to not make the waterproof laminate flooring damaged slowly.

You need to treat them with special care such as installing the water heater to make the air keep dry or clean them with a particular laminate cleaner.

Although it’s waterproof, we still can’t say it’s 100% resist of water. Nonetheless, the layer is made with fiberboard.

That will become the bomb once the gaps tenuous and the underlayment broke as the traffic increased.

Waterproof Laminate Flooring Appearance

For the general appearance, the waterproof laminate flooring planks are in the usual size of laminate flooring. It ranges from 6 inch-wide to 8-inch wide, even wider to complete a customer order.

The design itself varies, which you can choose it freely as long as it offered. There are trendy design, luxury design, traditional and wood design, and many more.

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That also came as the colour of waterproof laminate flooring. Bright to dark or pastel. That makes the collection complete.

The Bad and Good of Waterproof Laminate Flooring

We’ll start with the bad first. Laminate flooring is actually couldn’t durable for longer years like 10 years more.

If the laminate flooring used in mass traffic, the 5 years of lifespan is considerable. The waterproof laminate flooring is not a real waterproof as we already said before.

The layer is made of fiberboard, of course, the floor will be break once all of the protection is gone.

It’s better to have luxury vinyl flooring than to waterproof laminate flooring because of the synthetic materials.

The benefits are, you may free from scratches if you installed waterproof laminate flooring.

They are also more durable than the usual laminate flooring, and you can count on them to avoid water and vapour infiltrate inside the laminate flooring.

In generally, waterproof laminate flooring is not worthy, but you can still install that in your house.

A waterproof laminate flooring brands you should look among others are Aquastep, Dumaplast, and Parcolys.

To buy the waterproof laminate flooring, you can search it in the Amazon or a particular marketplace that sells lots of waterproof laminate.

The cost may vary depending on the brand and how to resist the laminate flooring when the water pours in the surfaces.

Remember, they also need maintenance. Don’t put strong chemical cleaner for the waterproof laminate flooring.

Keep the good quality or the feature won’t be usable.