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NanoWave® is a unique manufacturing technology platform for nanomaterials.
Nanomaterials offer great promise for revolutionizing diverse fields and applications including electronics, energy storage and energy conversion, due to the manifestation of novel properties through size-dependent physics and chemistry not found in conventional materials thermoelectrics are a prime example.
While nanostructuring works, harnessing beneficial nanoscale effects in bulk forms is crucial for high-impact applications such as energy conversion, which thereby necessitates the production of bulk samples of nanostructured materials in industrial-scale quantities at acceptable time-scales, energy-usage and costs. Lack of viable means for commercial production of nanomaterials has been the key limiter. Most state-of-art techniques are not suitable for commercialization due to poor properties, poor scalability and high costs.
Our NanoWave® directly addresses these crucial problems in the two diverse yet complementary fields high-performance thermoelectrics and nanomaterials manufacture. NanoWave® enables the cost-effective industrial-scale i.e. tons-scale production of nanocrystals of thermoelectrics materials to harness and apply the beneficial nanoscale-effects in commercially viable bulk forms ingot and wafer to empower high-efficiency products.
NanoWave® is a revolutionary bottom-up wet-chemistry process which utilizes microwaves to drive a redox chemistry that is low-energy-density (less than that needed to boil water) rapid (kilograms per minute), efficient (near-100% yield), and crucially, achieves >25% increase of the thermoelectric figure-of-merit through the nanostructure. NanoWave® at its purest could actually be considered technical microwave cooking. In fact the technology uses as much energy to make a cup of nanocrystals as a cup of coffee.

NanoWave® at ThermoAura is manifested in our signature kilogram-class glass-reactor system and our ton-scale production line based on advanced polymer-reactors.

Our method, in contrast to legacy industrial methods, has the process flexibility and versatility to craft a wide range of thermoelectric properties through a combination of dopant additions, alloying and nanostructuring. NanoWave® encompasses a portfolio of new chemistries invented and perfect at ThermoAura that permit synthesis, growth and safe handling of large-quantities of nanocrystals under ambient environments, thus obviating specialized chemical process equipment and drastically simplifying process flow design and production tooling. A signature feature is that our unique chemistries are raw-ingredient agnostic — inputs simply containing the atoms of the compounds to be synthesized are sufficient, without any demands for particular purity or grade or morphological factors.

Rapid, ultra-scalable, high-yields, energy efficient

No current fluid, vapor or solution based chemistry techniques or indeed even established legacy manufacturing are comparable in cost, rapidity, amount produced and scalability to our microwave-technology for making nanomaterials.


Our technology permits manufacture of nanomaterials at costs which are many orders of magnitude cheaper than extant nano-fabrication, but also at comparable or lower costs to extant traditional manufacturing processes used by industry to make conventional i.e. non-nanostructured materials.


We can tunably design the nanomaterials particle features such as shape and size, doping, functionalization i.e. make nanoparticles, nanowires or nanoplates, and controllably dope and alloy them, add organic functional molecules and other custom-properties.

Ease of handling and storage of manufactured nanomaterials

A drawback of nano is the problem of handling the manufactured materials and the risk of degradation due to oxidation. All these are precluded in our technology, as we can produce the nanomaterials with protecting chemistries, allowing complete production, handling and storage of the nanomaterials in ambient conditions and temperatures.

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