ThermoAura Inc. is a nanomaterials and clean-energy company commercializing a novel manufacturing technology. We seek to market high-performance nanomaterials made on our novel manufacturing methods to unlock the multibillion-dollar potential of thermoelectric energy conversion applications such as electricity harvesting from waste heat and solid-state refrigeration.

ThermoAura Inc. is a nanotechnology and clean energy start-up headquartered in Colonie, New York. We seek to apply nanotechnology and thermoelectrics to address global environmental concerns and answer global energy challenges. We are commercializing a novel manufacturing technology. We aim to use nanotechnology to unlock the multibillion-dollar market for thermoelectrics. Our company designs, produces and markets high-performance nano-enabled thermoelectric materials. Our first products are our bulk thermoelectric nanocrystals, which not only outperform current state-of-art thermoelectrics, but can also be produced in industrial-scale quantities at costs competitive with conventional materials, thus paving the way for widespread adoption.
Founded in 2011, ThermoAura’s core original technology is based on the thesis work of Dr. Rutvik J. Mehta, along with his doctoral advisors, Professors Ganpati Ramanath and Theo Borca-Tasciuc. After initial fund-raising in 2012, ThermoAura began scaling-up and developing the novel nanomaterials technology to bring it out of the laboratory. We have secured $1.5 Million in additional funding, broken ground on a pilot manufacturing facility, and grown our full time staff, with plans for several additional hires over the year. We are in the midst of pilot manufacturing, with goals of expansion and vertical integration to follow.

Our Team

Rutvik J. Mehta, Ph.D., President

Rutvik J
ThermoAura Inc. was founded on Dr. Mehta’s PhD thesis work. He co-founded ThermoAura in 2011 together with professors Borca-Tasciuc and Ramanath. His research on novel scalable methods for nanomaterials synthesis forms the foundation of ThermoAura’s core technology, and his discoveries have been published in numerous scientific journals.

Ganpati Ramanath, Ph.D., Director

Ganpati Ramanath
Prof. Ganpati Ramanath is a pioneer in thermoelectrics and nanomaterials synthesis by scalable wet-chemical techniques and brings his 15+ years of expertise in materials synthesis, characterization and processing.

Theo Borca-Tasciuc, Ph.D., Director

Theo Borca
Prof. Theo Borca-Tasciuc brings in his expertise and more than 15 years experience in thermoelectric property characterization and device development, and is a pioneer in developing new scanning probe metrology techniques for Seebeck, thermal and electrical conductivity determination.

Richard Frederick, COO

Richard Frederick
Richard Frederick is a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years experience in founding technology companies. was one of his startups that went on to make more than $35M in revenues. He is a former Director of the Emerging Ventures Ecosystems (EVE) program at RPI. Richard Joined ThermoAura as Chief Operating Officer in 2012.

Benjamin Mitchell, VP Finance & Administration

Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin Mitchell serves as ThermoAura’s VP for Finance & Administration. Ben provides coverage of financial control and business operations. Ben's management scope also includes supply chain, operations, quality systems, and human resources. Ben graduated in 2013 from the Lally School of Management & Technology at RPI.

Alex O’Toole, VP Manufacturing

Alex O’Toole
Alex O’Toole is ThermoAura's VP of manufacturing, managing process scale-up and overseeing manufacturing operations. Alex is a graduate of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at SUNY Albany and brings a wealth of nanoscience and chemistry experience. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Nanoscale Science in December 2013.

Douglas DeSario, Ph.D., Staff Scientist

Douglas DeSario
Douglas DeSario is a synthetic and analytical chemist with a background in nanomaterials. He graduated from Cornell University with a PhD in Chemistry in June 2014.

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